A letter to the president: Boison must bite the bullet.

Emmanuel Otto-Boison

Journalist, the world over are satisfied when their work yield positive results. Dedicated journalists find love in the inky and less-rewarding profession, when their efforts bring joy to society. Men and women of integrity in the profession keep going not because they earn gargantuan salaries, but because the ills in society get uncovered and reformed. Sadly, just as an ocean cannot pride itself on harboring only good and friendly aquatic animals, so is the vast and poorly regulated Ghanaian media unsurprisingly has a long queue of dishonest and bad nuts.

Fortunately, there are some good and selfless brains in the Ghanaian media. These men risk their lives for the betterment of the neglected citizens in society. They go undercover to expose rot for a favorable change.

Mr. President, you took over political power and promised to ensure law and order and total application of the rule of law regardless of who is involved.  It’s however sad to state that the nation is witnessing the opposite.

Your Excellency, your poor response to investigative works, especially from the camp of Anas Aremeyaw Anas is very bad. You are killing the spirit of the man and his team. I will reserve this topic for another day.

Just as we reward heroes and hardworking citizens for their selfless dedications and exceptional sacrifices, the same vein is required to punish nation wreckers, evildoers and corrupt officials. 31st of October 2019, will forever remain in the minds of many Ghanaians as one of the dark days as far as our justice delivery is a concern.

Your Excellency, I am not too sure if you have given a zero attention to the documentary. The cry of innocent departed souls at the graveyards as well as those serving jail terms unjustly due to poor legal advice by the embattled upper East based state lawyer should be enough to wake you up from the gold-made bed in the jubilee house. Have your sister, the Attorney General briefed you as far as the stinking documentary is concern? 

Mr. Emmanuel Otto-Boison was caught on camera taking goodies including a pregnant goat to free an INTERPOL wanted crime suspect.

The undercover investigative piece by EIB’s Edward Adeti, dubbed “cash for justice” also saw the state legal representative coaching a supposed relative of the suspect how to avoid INTERPOL arrest.

The ‘powerful’ state lawyer who fled the upper East Region undercover prior to the airing of the documentary is also under interdiction.

The legal service board, in a crunch meeting under the chair of the Attorney General, recommended that the embattled state lawyer be made to face its disciplinary committee.

Sadly, Mr. President, barely two months after the committee’s inauguration, nothing is heard of it. The Attorney General prefers silence.

Mr. President, many have been cleared. Is Mr. Boison going to join the gang of cleared nation wreckers? I am reliably informed that Mr. Boison is a staunch member of your party. Is he also been protected like Bissiu and the rest? Abugri from Bugri wants to know.

Abugri Sumaila Haruna.

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