Who owns Kalpohin electrification project: Consultant gives clarity

Consuktant of the Kalpohin project Mr. Emmanuel Tetteh Lorson (middle)

The Consultant working on the Self Help Electrification Project (SHEP) covering some communities in the Sagnarigu municipality of the northern region, including the controversial Kalpohin rural electricity project, Mr. Emmanuel Tetteh Lorson has clarified that the National Democratic Congress Member of Parliament for the Tamale North constituency, Hon Alhassan Suhiyini has no hand in the implementation of the program in Kalpohin.

According to the Consultant, government through the Ministry of Energy released materials required including conductors for the completion of the project. He disclosed work is about to resume before the close of the week, stating probably in two months, the work scheduled will be completed.  

Speaking in an interview with journalists when the New Patriotic Party Tamale North Parliamentary hopeful, Alhaji Alhassan Dahamani together with Sagnarigu Municipal Chief Executive, Hajia Mariam Iddrisu visited the Kalpohin Chief palace on Tuesday night to handover materials for the completion of the abandoned electricity project in the area, the Roben Engineering Consultant denied working with the NDC Tamale North legislator.  

Hon Alhassan Dahamani handing over the material to Chief of Kalpohin, Naa Abubakari Mahama II and his elders

He said he is not working under the orders of the MP but contracted by the Ministry of Energy to continue work on the Kasalgu, Katariga, Batangyili and the famous Kalpohin electrification projects. He added the materials provided are sufficient enough to complete the work.

Ask whether if Mr. Alhassan Suhiyini is facilitating the project, the Consultant said: “The MP has nothing to do with it, I don’t work for the MP, I work for the ministry of energy, I don’t take orders from any MP, what the ministry says is what I do and that is it.”

He continued: “I think the MP got wind of the materials coming, so he wanted to find out whether it is true; I had not even sighted the weigh bill, so I said I didn’t know, because I have not seen the weigh bill; so I don’t know which areas are involved.” According to him, the weigh does not capture the name of communities, however, he said: “Looking at my contract quantities I saw Kalpohin rural is part”.

Meanwhile, the NPP Parliamentary hopeful explained in a similar interview with the media that, the electrification project didn’t just appear in the community without a source. He outlined the projects in Kalpohin, Nyanshegu, Nanton Kpawumo, Kanvili Kpawumo and Wovoguma as his initiatives when he was the MP for the area between 2012 and 2016.

He disclosed similar projects were facilitated at Saatingli, Gbanyamni, Kulaa, Taha, Fou and Kpintalga, stating that, those that were left to be completed were Kalpohin, Nyanshegu, Wovoguma and Kanvili Kpawumo before then parliamentary candidate of the NDC, Mr. Suhiyini surfaced in the political limelight of the Tamale North and claimed ownership of the project without knowing the source of the project which eventually halted after the John Mahama led NDC government lost political power.

“Before then I made a statement that, if I were the one doing the work and they were claiming and telling lies on that, God Almighty Allah will show the difference; and I think my prayer was answered by Allah and there was a change of government and the project came to standstill” Mr. Dahamani established.  

The Chief of the Kalpohin traditional area, Naa Abubakari Mahama II after receiving the materials commended the government and Alhaji Dahamani for coming to aid of the people. He said: “As Chief, my prayers are always with those who will help in the development of my community.” “May Allah bless you with peace and grant you your wish of becoming the MP for the constituency again” Naa Mahama II prayed. He further advised the NPP candidate not to give credence to rumors and falsehood.

Meanwhile, the Ghanaianeye news requested available documents from the NPP candidate to back his claim that he initiated the rural electrification projects across the various communities in the Tamale North Constituency.

Below are two documents dated as far back as December 2014 and January 2015. One of the documents is a letter of request and the other is a letter of appreciation.

Letter of Request from Office of Hon Alhassan Dahamani, Member of Parliament for Tamale North Constituency

Letter of Appreciation from Office of Hon Alhassan Dahamani, Member of Parliament for Tamale North Constituency

Source: Ghanaianeye.com/Mohammed Gadafi

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