Bimbila: Show gratitude to government – Dasana family told 

Gbei Naa Mustapha Amadu Zakari

The youth and elders of Bangyili in Bimbila in the northern region have called on the Dasana family to show appreciation for the privileges extended to them and the Regent of Nanung, Nyenlimboligu Naa Abdulai Yakubu Andani by the Akufo Addo government.

The youth in a news conference held in Bimbila on Thursday, September 12, 2019, said President Nana Akuffo Addo cannot by any stretch of imagination be accused of failing to punish perpetrators who murdered the late Naa Andani.

According to spokesperson of the youth, Gbei Naa Mustapha Amadu Zakari, some alleged suspects were previously arrested and taken through due process in law and discharged.  

He alleged that the Dasana family is only engage in diabolical tactics to delay the performance of the funeral rites of the late Naa Andani Dasana to pave way for the Bangyili to take its rightful turn to the skin of Nanung.

The youth said the baseless and needless accusations against the Northern Regional Minister, Salifu Saeed by the Dasana family is a conspiracy to tarnish the reputation of by making him. He stated that as a former DCE for the area and a son of Nanung, Mr. Salifu Saeed has remained fair and firm.

“Under his tenure as the DCE, not even a single soul was lost, this was not sheer coincidence; it was certainly due to his impartiality and effective leadership. We expect the Dasana family to reflect soberly and rather be grateful to the Minister for providing adequate security for the late Andani Dasana instead of attempting to tarnish his image” he emphasized.

Elders of the Bangyili royal family

He said the claim by the Dasana family that government is failing to enforce the judgment of the Supreme Court and preventing the Regent from performing customary duties is mischievous and unfounded. He argued that: “the Regent is on record to have long before and after the Supreme Court ruling on the chieftaincy dispute in May 2018, enskinned various princes as sub chiefs to towns and villages in the traditional are unhindered. He has also represented Nanung at the recently held National House of Chiefs meeting as the Acting President of the Nanumba Traditional Council.”

Gbei Naa said the Bangyili is also saddened with the unsubstantiated allegations and accusations against Vonaa Attah Abarika. He maintained that the Bimbila Chieftaincy unrest is an internal affair within the Gbugmayili royal gate and therefore, the Dasana faction should avoid leveling accusations against the Vonaa for failing to amicably resolve their misunderstanding.

He explained that the former Regent of Bimbila Naa Abarika was acquitted and discharged by a competent jurisdiction in 2014 when he falsely accused of having an influence in the murder of the late Naa Andani. He described him (Vonaa) as peace loving person and urged the Dasana family to respect the decision of the court.

Meanwhile, the youth seized the opportunity to congratulate the sole arbiter, Togbe Sri II for his appointment. They pledged their maximum cooperation.

Gbei Naa said: “admittedly, it is an arduous task but we are confident that with the guidance of God and his rich experience he will work assiduously to bring peace back to Nanung.”  

Source: Gadafi

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