Just as we reward heroes and hardworking citizens for dedications and exceptional sacrifices, same vain is required to punish nation wreckers, evil doers and corrupt officials. 31st of October 2019, will forever remain in the minds of many Ghanaians as one of the dark days as far as our justice system is concern.

The exceptional brilliant work by EIB’s Edward Adeti in exposing the long stinking but unnoticed phenomenon where state legal representatives perverts the course of justice by taking bribes to free crime suspects must wake-up duty bearers to work.

It is sad that as tongues are wagging over the documentary, only God knows the number of innocent but poor men and women who are serving jail terms unjustly.

The usual much-talk but less-action is killing the moral of investigative journalists. Only God knows the risk as far as investigations are concern.

This news portal wishes to remind the president and the chief justice of their consistent and strong pledges to cleanse the judiciary of corrupt men and women so as to make it a better place for all Ghanaians devoid of religious, political and ethnic affiliations.

If our ears and eyes were only on spot, then Mr. Emmanuel Otto-Boison is qualified to captain the corrupt gang at the attorney general department.

We are thus asking the state to do the needful by making sure Mr. Boison faces the law fully.

We are asking the chief justice to review all cases handled by Mr. Boison.

If a   goat is enough to buy justice, then we are all not safe. Madam Chief justice, the earlier you act, the better.

We hope that our next editorial on this subject would not be a reminder but a congratulation.

We are equally asking the Inspector General of Police to offer Mr. Adeti the needed security protection.

Source: Editorial/ Sumaila Haruna.

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