Education: Sagnarigu MCE commissioned new classrooms for basic schools

The Chief Executive for the Sagnargu Municipal Assembly in the northern region, Hajia Mariam Iddrisu has commissioned new classroom blocks for the Kanvili R/C cluster of schools, Gbalahi Methodist Primary and the Kpene M/A Primary schools to improve teaching and learning in the area. Each school received a three classroom block, fully furnished with dual desk furniture and ancillary facilities

The projects are built with funding from the District Assembly Common Fund (DACF) and the Internal Generated Funds (IGF) of the assembly and each project cost the assemble GhS150, 000.

The Municipal Chief Executive during the program appealed to the Parent, Teacher Associations of the schools to maintain the facilities to last long. She emphasized this would enable future generations to also make good use of the school.

Chief Executive for the Sagnargu Municipal Assembly, Hajia Mariam Iddrisu

Hajia Mariam Iddrisu said education is key and pivotal to the development of the country, more especially, the Sagnarigu area. Education she said is one of the priorities of the Sagnarigu municipal assemble, adding that, they are focused in providing more infrastructure.

According to the MCE, the Akufo Addo government has exhibited its commitment to education with the implementation of the free senior high school policy.

“So we think that as an assemble, we need to make the foundation right; we need to give good learning environment to the early stages of education so they can progress to benefit free SHS education” she emphasized.

She disclosed that the municipal assemble has undertaken a number of infrastructure interventions with support from the One Million Dollar per Constituency initiative and the District Development Facility, saying all at various completion.  

Meanwhile, the Sagnarigu Municipal Director of the Ghana Education Service, Hajia Samata Mahama said this will boost the quality of teaching and learning and the performance of the children. However, she appealed to the Sagnarigu municipal assemble and nongovernmental organization in the country to assist the area by providing enough kindergarten schools.

Hajia Samata Mahama, Sagnarigu Municipal Director of GES

She underscored the need for the provision of KGs at the basic level, stating this is the foundation of education for every child.   According to the GES Boss, a lot of schools in the municipality do not have kindergarten facilities attached to it.

Consequent to that, Hajia Samata mentioned some schools practice a multi-grade system, where KG one and KG two are combined in a single classroom or primary one and two put into one classroom.

She said: “You can imagine a teacher standing to put these two classes together, the curriculum is different but he has to teach these pupils together, therefore, teaching cannot be effective.”

Source: Gadafi

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