Group roast Nana Addo over kwame owusu.

Group roast Nana Addo over kwame owusu.

PRESS RELEASE                                 24TH  July,  2019

The Caucus for Democratic Governance-Ghana, (CDG-GH) has registered with shock and concern, the appointment of Mr Kwame Owusu as Board Chairman of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA). We join Civil Societies and all tax payers in calling for the immediate termination of the appointment of Mr Kwame Owusu.
Mr Kwame Owusu was appointed in April 3rd 2017 as Managing  Director of Ghana Maritime Authority (GMA). As Managing Director, Mr Kwame Owusu abused his office by  involving himself in some corruption cases. He was alleged to have used the taxpayers money wrongly to renovate his two bedroom house, even though he was using a government bungalow.  He is also alleged to have bought eleven air conditioners for that same house. As if that was not enough, he used 135,000.00 GHC of the taxpayers money to pay for lunch for five people. During the massive public outcry, Mr Kwame Owusu  who was 67 years resigned.
With these corruption issues hanging round his neck, it becomes difficult to understand why  Mr Kwame Owusu can be appointed as Board Chairman of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) by the President, when reports of investigations carried out have been shelved. Besides GRA is the nerve centre controlling our National economy, and so its Board Chairman should be a person with clean record, morally sound with strong desire for accountability. 
The present drastic reduction in revenue collection targets, may or may not be due to his appointment; it is however important to note that his record of alleged corruption would negatively affect the morals of the Custom Officers and other revenue collectors. He has already lost the moral mandate to correct and rectify.
The CDG-GH is of the opinion that the economy with its over 200 billion National debt  is taking a dangerous curve, and the President and his economic team must sit up. Their inability to restructure the taxation and revenue system, their inability to invest in productivity instead of consumption, their inability to reduce imports and increase exports are all weighing down and bringing the economy on its knees.   The return to IMF is inevitable.
 Contribution from Justice Kpornyo.

                                                                                                                          Dr E.K.Hayfod                                                                                                                     Chief Convener CDG-GH                                                                                                                              0277606338 / 0542490709

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