Northern Region: Nonstop rains destroy feeder roads

One of the feeder roads in Sagnarigu municipality connecting SSNIT flats to Fou in the northern region.

This year’s nonstop rains have destroyed several feeder roads in the Northern Region making it difficult for people in the affected areas to live their communities. One of the destroyed roads is that of Tampie Kukuo In the Sagnarigu Municipality.

Residents of the community are finding it difficult to go to work and school pupils have out of the classroom for some weeks. A concerned citizen there, Mohammed Hardi is attempting to use a hammer and a chisel to construct an alternative route.

It is against this backdrop, the  residents have renewed calls on government to fix the deplorable road network. In other parts of tve region, several households and farmlands have been submerged while culverts have been damaged.

Economic activities in these areas have come to a halt thereby worsening the poverty situation. The dire situation has made it impossible for officials of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) to access the affected communities.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet) is forecasting more rains in November. According to the head of forecasting at the GMet, Joseph Poturphy, the Agency is analyzing the rainfall data to determine if the torrential rains  currently are unusual.

He advised the public to be mindful of the daily forecast issued by the Meteo Agency before stepping out to avoid any inconveniences.
Source: Karim Naatogmah

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