Suhiyini challenge Dahamani: Mention your flood interventions as Fmr MP

Mr. Alhassan Dahamani (left) and Mr. Alhassan Sayibu Suhiyini (right)

The National Democratic Congress Member of Parliament for the Tamale North Constituency, Alhassan Suhiyini has chided the former Independent Legislator for the constituency and now parliamentary candidate for the governing New Patriotic Party, Alhassan Dahamani to account to the people what he did as MP to solve the perennial floods in the area.   

Mr. Suhiyini in a statement said he is saddened by the havoc unleashed on his constituents by the Tuesday’s thunderstorms that left many households flooded and hundreds of properties destroyed.

Several communities in the Tamale North constituency were flooded, taking over some deplorable roads and bridges especially the one connecting Fou to SSNIT flats making visibility difficult. 

The legislator expressed his sympathies to the victims, adding that: “I directed my constituency executives on Tuesday to visit the affected areas and they have since sent feedback to me in Koforidua where I’m currently attending a committee workshop to consider the very important Land Bill.”

The NPP parliamentary hopeful jabbed Mr. Suhiyini after visiting some affected communities, saying the MP has not shown care and will to combat the menace. He observed that all major roads in the constituency are in bad state, adding that, constructing all major roads in the area is the best mechanism to end the persistent situation. 

 Below is the full statement:  

Ask all contestants and their political parties to show evidence of what they have done about floods in TN before

I learned sadly that due to a heavy downpour on Monday, some homes in Gumani, Kalpohini and Fuo in the Tamale North Constituency once again got flooded. 

I wish to express my sincere sympathies to those affected and pray that Allah replenish whatever they lost. I directed my constituency executives on Tuesday to visit the affected areas and they have since sent feedback to me in Koforidua, where I’m currently attending a committee workshop to consider the very important Land Bill. 

I also learned through news reports that the NPP candidate toured the affected communities on Wednesday. During the tour I was happy that the point was made for people to vote based on acts of developments and not just sugar coated words.

As former MP who for four years neither visited during such floods nor did anything about the floods in these areas when he had the opportunity to lead the constituency, I wish to commend him for his latest show of concern.  

In 2015, as aspiring NDC Parliamentary Candidate of the Tamale North Constituency, when the NPP 2020 Parliamentary Candidate was the Incumbent Member of Parliament, I lobbied for my very hardworking NDC government to desilt the Fuo to Kalpohin through to Gumani drains to ease the flooding of the three communities. 

In 2016 as the Parliamentary Candidate of the hardworking NDC I did same, despite that I was not MP yet. 

In 2017 the new Govt of the NPP failed to carry out the desilting of the said drains despite repeated reminders to the urban roads and Municipal Assembly. There was therefore a flood in the communities. 

In 2018 I used my MPs common fund, which is about 10times what the Municipal Assembly gets for a quarter, to desilt the drains. (Videos and pictures attached). Therefore in 2018 the constituency almost recorded no serious floods. 

Unlike the previous NDC Government which consistently through the urban roads at least desilted the drains to minimize the floods, the NPP in the last 3years have failed to even contract a wheelbarrow and shovel to do anything to address the floods in these areas. 

I therefore wish to call on the NPP Parliamentary Candidate to join me to urge his government, to at least emulate the very good example of the NDC or do better to end the floods and save the people. It is the commitment of the next NDC government to end the floods in the area, if the NPP fail as they have clearly demonstrated cluelessness in that regard, so far. 

But for the shameless lack of principles and the shear display of desperation by some professional politicians who approach politics with a “by all means” mindset, politics could be a higher calling to earn honor through selfless service,  to the best of one’s ability. 


Hon Alhaji Alhassan Sayibu Suhuyini 

MP, Tamale North

Source: Gadafi

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