‘Caught by his faith’, a Bolgatanga-based ‘powerful’ state’s attorney, who has been caught on camera by investigative journalist, Edward Adeti, in a tabletop market-style of bidding for goodies in exchange of justice, is said to has fled the Upper East Region.

The highly respected, worshipped and feared state lawyer left the region undercover after a trailer of an upcoming exposé, titled “Cash for Justice”, was released in the middle of last week.

The state’s attorney, Mr. Emmanuel Otoo-Boison, has been constantly accused by several residents of perverting the course of justice by taking bribes to free crime suspects whiles innocent, poor citizens suffer under his dictates.

He was caught negotiating for gifts including livestock and cash to free a notorious suspect reportedly wanted by the INTERPOL and Burkinabe security authorities over multiple crimes.

Sources told this news portal that Mr. Boison, who mostly walks with two well-built bodyguards, was last week seen visibly traumatized after the teaser of the much-awaited investigative piece went viral.

Sources told this portal the embattled state’s attorney has suddenly become so hot-tempered he reacts to greetings with snub. He is said to be hiding in Accra as the public awaits the airing of the documentary.


Amongst the casualties of the displeased and embattled state’s attorney is his driver. He [Boison] pulled the first trigger at his driver by asking to no longer drive him. He suspects the driver has a hand in his in bringing his bribery deeds to light. The driver is said to have been replaced by one of his bodyguards.

This portal is informed that moments after the trailer of the investigative documentary went viral, he pointed a finger of mistrust at his driver, accusing him of planting secret gadgets around him. A staff at the Judicial Service in the Upper East Region told this portal that Mr. Boison is currently being driven around by his body guard.

“Today, I saw his body guard driving his car. In fact, I have not seen him, so I cannot tell if he will be in the office today. I have not seen his driver too for the past two days,” the source said.


Drama erupted at the Bolgatanga High court one and two on the 24th of October 2019, a day after the teaser of the much-awaited investigative documentary went viral. As people sharpened their ears with undiluted attention to hear more, Mr. Boison was running helter-skelter in and out of the court rooms as judges and lawyers alike raised objections to sitting until after the documentary had been aired.

He was said to have been spiritually ejected and physically rejected. His real face and character has been exposed. Reports suggest that he left his office unceremoniously in shame.     


The online trending trailer of the documentary features another official taking what is believed to be bribe. The face of the official is not seen in the trailer. Some judicial staff are worried as nobody knows who else has been caught with the big fish (the state’s attorney).

Interestingly, most victims of injustice are said to be bashing the cell-phone of the investigative journalist to narrate the inhumane ordeal they went through at the hands of the money-loving state’s attorney.

This portal’s sniffing gadgets captured people in the upper East Region in keen anticipation of the airing of the much-talked-about “CASH FOR JUSTICE” documentary on Thursday 31st October 2019 @ 6:30 pm. On GhOne Television.

SOURCE: ghanaianeye.com

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