who is beating the war drums in the NDC?

Who is beating the war drums in the NDC?

Days after the monumental general secretary of the National Democratic Congress [NDC], announces the opening of nominations for interested personalities to contest in the party’s parliamentary primaries, the Rawlings’ founded political foundation have not tasted peace at all, not even to the least iota of any measuring unit.

The old aged adage that “if there is no enemy within, then the enemy without will be powerless”, appears to be hunting the opposition political giant of mother Ghana. This news portal wish to ask: is the NDC stabbing itself over superiority?.

From the North to the south, west to the East, we heard different rhythms of various war drums.

Sadly, the NDC that left power three years or so ago, can’t even organize an internal elections to elect it parliamentary candidates. A chunk of constituencies, especially in the Ashanti Region, where the party is not even attractive is yet to elect parliamentary candidates.

Nauseating enough is the catapult and lorry-tyres war in the Asawasi constituency of the Ashanti region. Who determines membership of the NDC?.  Is the NDC now a party for some selected persons? Is the NDC happy in oppositions?

Ghanaian Eye wish to remind some big shots of the NDC that, the party is still within the ring of oppositions and it is only numbers that can get it out of this ring.  The NDC either get the numbers or stay in oppositions for a little longer. A word to the wise, is enough.

Until the party hierarchy begin to respect the views of the ordinary party supporter, then the party should be prepared to embrace opposition for now.

The Ghanaian Eye has spoken.

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