Zaazi community gets KG school block

Handing over of the Zaazi Community KG school block

The Savelugu Municipal Youth Network for Development, popularly known as Ataaya Base, a community base development group in the northern region has handed over 2unit three classroom blocks to the Savelugu Municipal Directorate of the Ghana Education Service to enroll pupils of the Zaazi community to begin Kindergarten school education.

The community is a farming settlement few kilometers away from the municipal capital, Savelugu, and children in the deprived community trek more than hour to attend school at Moglaa, the nearest community or other adjoining communities closer to Savelugu township. The intervention by the group is best described by parents and guardians in the area as great relief, indicating that, this has come to reduce the burden of the children.

According to some parents, the pupils used to walk under the mercy of scorch sun and rain during the dry and raining seasons respectively to attend school. This, they lamented exposed the wards to so many dangers, especially, raining season when the whole area is bushy and water blocking their ways.

Chairman of the group, Mr. Yakubu Fuseini explained the Community Youth Network for Development started as an advocacy group for peace, engaging the youth on the need for peace prior to the implementation of the Dagbon peace roadmap and subsequently turned into charitable group. He indicated the group was determined to complement efforts to restore peace back to the area in order to accelerate the needed development of the region.

Chairman of the Savelugu Municipal Youth Network for Development, Mr. Yakubu Fuseini

“We realize that peace was key to our development; without peace there wouldn’t be development” he said. According to Mr. Yakubu, the group has so far undertaken some infrastructure and social intervention initiatives in Karaga, Nanton, Kumbungu, Tolon districts and Savelugu and Sagnarigu municipalities.

Key among several intervention projects and programs, he said the group funded the construction of children and Antenatal Care unit and donated a wheelchair to the Tampion health center, donation of uniforms and learning materials to deprived school children, rehabilitation of Savelugu hospital ambulance vehicle and several bore holes at Karaga and desilting Zugu community dam.

He maintained that all these self-help projects and programs are dividends of the peace restored in Dagbon. Mr. Yakubu Fuseini further outlined that five tricycle motorcycles were procured and distributed to some youth groups to support their farming activities and also donated a hearse van to the Muslim community at Jana.

However, the Chairperson of the Community Youth Network for Development disclosed all the projects the organization has embarked on including the newly constructed Zaazi school block are through contributions members and other people, stating that: “We are   

He underscored the need for the youth in the region to work together and support the development of their communities, advising that people must allow duty bearers, especially the political leadership to work efficiently for the growth of the country.

Meanwhile, head teacher for the Moglaa M/A primary school, Fuseini Haruna said the construction of the school block has come at the right time, explaining how this would improve teaching and learning in the community. The head teacher argued that the development of every nation is depended on the human resources and not the natural resources, thereby, underscoring the importance of education at the rural communities in the country.

Mr. Fuseini said the conditions under which teachers used to teach the children were bizarre and discouraging for effective teaching and learning. However, he commended the Savelugu Municipal Youth Network for Development for such great intervention. He pledged that, the school authority will liaise with the Ghana Education Service to put the structure in good use to serve its purpose.

Meanwhile, the head teacher further appealed to other nongovernmental organizations and philanthropist to support with furniture and other teaching and learning materials to enable effective teaching and learning.

Source: Gadafi

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